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Wednesday in CinCity. The Roadtrip Edition.

from one shore to another...

Back in ten days, but until then please try to put your fat feet on the ground...:)
(a cappella group singing "Mustang Sally" on Toulouse Street in New Orleans. A great time was had and MissNewOrleans is doing great.)

Wednesday in CinCity. The Food is Life Edition.

This book finally! arrived in the mail and is now in my kitchen, the source of my new project for the summer  (let's be serious) the year. Chapter One: Soup, the Staff of Life and the first recipe--Potage Picard au Pois (split pea soup). The peas are soaking even as we speak. Not a fan of peas other than the frozen ones in the bag I put on an aching back now and again, but journeys begin with a single step and Hubby seems to like just about anything I cook, so split peas it is.
We're on Season 2 of Treme, though a bit scatter-rhompussed. Season 2 comes from the library in four different DVD's containing the eleven episodes and what has come in so far from the far reaches of the CinCity library requesting system are episodes 4, 5, & 6 as well as 10 & 11. What I know so far is that crime has returned to the Crescent City harder than before and people I've never seen before are somehow involved in this and the food and music are still fabulous, but struggling. S…

Sunday in CinCity. The How'd Ya Like Them Apples Edition.

Our first summer movie this year. Quite delish.

"Lips red as blood. Hair black as night. Bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White."

Saturday in CinCity. The Remembrance of Things Past Edition.


by Joyce Sutphen

This was when my daughters were just children

playing on the rocky shore of the lake,

their hair in braids, their bright-colored jackets

tied around their waists. It was afternoon,

the shadows falling away, their faces

glowing with light. Whatever we said then

(and it must have been happy; it must have

been hopeful) is lost as I am now lost

from that life I lived. This was when nothing

that I wanted mattered, though all I wanted

was happiness, pure happiness, simple

as strawberries and cream in a saucer,

as curtains floating from a window sill,

as small pairs of shoes arranged in a row.

Polk. Salad. Uh-Huh.

Bought my tickets for New Orleans...

watch out, the gator's got your granny...