Saturday in CinCity. The Remembrance of Things Past Edition.


by Joyce Sutphen

This was when my daughters were just children

playing on the rocky shore of the lake,

their hair in braids, their bright-colored jackets

tied around their waists. It was afternoon,

the shadows falling away, their faces

glowing with light. Whatever we said then

(and it must have been happy; it must have

been hopeful) is lost as I am now lost

from that life I lived. This was when nothing

that I wanted mattered, though all I wanted

was happiness, pure happiness, simple

as strawberries and cream in a saucer,

as curtains floating from a window sill,

as small pairs of shoes arranged in a row.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. Happy weekend!

  2. happiness = strawberries and cream in a saucer?

    i could be happy with that.

  3. I love the photo and the traces of regret over things that one did not know at the time could be lost to one. I'm having a considerable number of episodes of recognizing that type of loss these days.

  4. I once took a photo of some egrets in a swamp and then posted the photo on my office wall with this comment (apologies to Frank Sinatra) "Egrets, I've had a few... but then again, too few to mention..."


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