Going into the fix-'em-up brain factory this morning, hoping the census is low and a few of us can go home early. Or not...

Whatever the day brings, I plan to have a glass of bubbly in hand at midnight yelling out a welcome to the new year and a fare-thee-well to the old one. Wishing you and yours much joy and happiness in 2011.

Resolutions?...I may have to fine tune a bit, but the sentiment above seems okay with me!


  1. That resolution seems a pretty damn fine one to me! It's been so nice calling in to see you after so long, it's been a real treat.. particularly since Jeeves and Wooster make an appearence ;-) Wishing you a very excellent new Year to come, all the best things!

  2. Sounds good to me too; I'm thinking something along those lines too!

  3. Here's to another year of sublime poetry and low stats for traumatic head injuries! Happy Bubbly Down the Hatch!

  4. Happy New Year! Don't work too hard.

    hahaha--word verification: subcu

  5. Hoping your new year is full of new discoveries.

  6. Happy New Year Magpie, here's to many shiny distractions in 2011!

  7. Always better to keep it simple.....smiles.


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