Tuesday in CinCity. The Vote Early and Often Edition.

It's Super Tuesday in the Heartland. Let the squeaking margin of victory begin.


  1. Well put. Squeaking and squawking is about all I've heard around here lately.

  2. I highly recommend ETOH. To be truthful though, you should have started tanking up a week ago when the dirtbags and their ads first moved into town. Fear not my friend, the second it's over, so are their ads. Life will be shockingly normal tomorrow.

  3. Hope so! Hubby is singing his Ron Paul song--basically singing the name over and over again--so the commercials are a pleasant reprieve :>) Paul is running 11.3% right now in Ohio--Hubby's taking credit for that .3%. We won't have to see too much of the elections--it'll be an early night; I have to be in the hospital at 0630.

  4. oh my ....I have become so disillusioned...maybe just getting old....smiles


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