Sunday in CinCity. The Blue Skies Smilin' at Me Edition.

In the White Sky

by William Stafford

Many things in the world have

already happened. You can

go back and tell about them.

They are part of what we

own as we speed along

through the white sky.

But many things in the world

haven't yet happened. You help

them by thinking and writing and acting.

Where they begin, you greet them

or stop them. You come along

and sustain the new things.

Once, in the white sky there was

a beginning, and I happened to notice

and almost glimpsed what to do.

But now I have come far

to here, and it is away back there.

Some days, I think about it.

Hubby and I are sitting here this morning drinking our coffees and listening to WWOZ out of New Orleans on the computer and trying to decide what to do with our day off. If anything. It's cool and grey here. Good day to curl up and read or watch more episodes of Treme in our vigorous and studious attempt to learn about our daughter's new home.

I'm newly hooked on a fabulous book I heard about on NPR, Midnight in Peking. Nothing not to love about this story. True story. Pre-WWII China. Murder and an investigator from Scotland Yard. The book's been bought by the BBC, and not surprisingly will be filmed as a mini-series.

So, I keep sneaking off to read just one more chapter :>)...

Yesterday we went down to see the ballet company and the last performance of this season, The Steadfast Soldier and The Princess and the Pea. Another great show, stunning choreography, and witty to boot. Perfect for a rainy and chilly Saturday afternoon.

This was after a morning of doing a mandatory online Myers-Briggs personality test for our next super mandatory staff meeting. You have to have a print out of your test results to get in the door. No secret at BigFatTeaching Hospital that it's an employers' market. They're going to wear the damn letters off the word MANDATORY they use it so damn often. I digress. Next, I assume we'll be bringing in our horoscopes.

Anyway, I took it. Found out I was an introvert, which at first surprised me, then made some sense. I made Hubby take it, too, to find out after 20 years if we're compatible, and he's also an introvert. So, now we think we need to go out and make friends with some extroverts which quite honestly sounds exhausting. Reading our profiles it's a wonder we ever leave the house. Thank God we have a dog.


  1. I'm an ISTP. My husband is an INFP. I think there should have been murder in our house by now :) But you know, just knowing that we're pretty different helps keep us sane.

  2. That's an awful lot of pressure for one dog.

  3. INTJ... Have fun sharing your results with the BigFatTeachingHospital! Introverts are cool, for my money!

  4. Mandatory is a grossly overused word in my neck of the woods, too.

    Nance made my day. lolol

  5. I learned, much to my surprise, that the truest definition of an introvert has nothing to do with whether you like being around people or not, but rather where you recharge yourself. Where you find refreshment and renewal. I too, am an introvert x

  6. Somewhere along the way,
    this has happened to you,
    but not in words.

    *How Love Glows*
    Love for another
    does not hide itself
    in the heart
    but kindles a light
    in the eyes
    as it flickers
    to flames
    in the chambers
    of a loving heart


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