Monday in CinCity. After the Storm Edition.

We saw wreckage all along I-75 South on our way back home and stopped at a rest area particularly devastated. Should probably have thoughts of something profound about the power of nature and its randomness, but all I could think of was how much work it would take to clear this bit of land and how hot it would be. Since many out there still don't have electricity this might seem like a small matter; what to do with all the food in the refridgerator and freezer and how to find a hint of coolness becomes much more mind consuming. We're thankful that for once we're the ones with power though in this heat we're still going up to the neighborhood movie theater for 2 hrs of cooling relief. Moonlight Kingdom Saturday afternoon, The Intouchables on Sunday. Monday back to work.

Heard this gentleman on WWOZ while we were driving through miles of farmland by Lake Erie. WWOZ is a New Orleans radio station and has an app so you can listen on your phone miles away. MissNewOrleans does not listen to it, but still gives me a bit of connection to her. Seems the perfect background for a heatwave kind of day.

After the Heat Wave

by Maxine Kumin

Rain falls down on the newly shorn sheep.

Deerflies lie doggo, black flies are absent.

Not one emerges from the great storehouse.

The barn cats are sleeping, birds are force-feeding

three clutches of phoebes, two of robins

and I am shelling the first of the season's

peas as a merciful summer rain

falls down all morning around me in strings.


  1. We had a bit of thunder and it got windy, but only a sprinkling of rain. It is so very dry and so hot! Glad you're safe.

  2. Wonderful music, just my style.

    Glad you are safe and have green grass. We are on the opposite end...dry to the bone.

  3. Up in Xenia we had some high winds and some rain, but thankfully our side of town didn't lose power (our air conditioner wasn't working Thursday & Friday, but that's a separate issue). However, the storm on Friday afternoon & the smaller one yesterday cooled the temps down considerably - we sat outside & roasted marshmallows yesterday!

  4. I'm dying to see "Moonlight Kingdom" and saw "Intouchables" in Paris last year--you will like it very much. I always think about the sheer human labor that is required to clean up Mother Nature's messes and the aftermath of man's interminable wars. Bonne route et bonne continuation!!

  5. Some picture. Poor, poor old tree. I am speechless in all this misery. Therefore, I am more than grateful to you for giving this song that shares what's in my mind and gut.

  6. We had torrential rains yesterday. No wind and very little lighting. We were lucky I guess...we got what we needed and none of what we did not. It was tinderbox dry in Detroit preceding the much welcomed rain (even if it did fall on the clothes I was trying to dry outside).

  7. The heat, the storms, the devastation, the power outages. It has been A SUMMER. I find when the power is out what affects me the most, in summer or winter, is the lack of electric lighting. The gloom sends my spirits plummeting. And in summer, the waste of all that is refrigerated/frozen is hard to bear.


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