Saturday in CinCity. The Pepto Bismol Edition.

For those of you who do not know, and why would you--I've been away from this blog for some time--I have two daughters, one in New Orleans and the younger newly moved to Alaska for a job. Hubby went up in October with her to settle her into her apartment, meet the roommate, get a car, insurance, find a grocery store. I had scheduled a week off in November, a desperate attempt to not be a stressed maniac while cooking, the week of Thanksgiving which gave me time to fly up there.  Trust me. You need a week.

The flight there from the Midwest is a commitment. Passed over this lovely bit of scenery. Believe it's the Canadian Cascade Mountain Range.

The temps were in the negative numbers. They've had snow for some time now and the roads are packed ice. You get used to it. The prettiest place for me was Creamer's Field, a migratory bird sanctuary 10 minutes from town. Quiet and still.

Pizza is a poor show there. Anyone with a good recipe could make a fortune. Sitting there one evening a group of 30 blue and white sweatshirted folks came in, filling the restaurant. A couple of minutes of commiseration with neighbors close-to-home...

...the UK Rifle Team was competing at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and flying back home to 75 degree temperatures that night. 

Back in the EST zone now and back at work. Perhaps avoiding FaceBook and the news more and more after the election results. I was never a fan of Mr. Trump during the '80s. Thought he was without substance and an attention whore. Can't say my opinion has changed, other than to think he's more dangerous than I gave him credit for thirty years ago. So I've been drinking a lot of Pepto Bismol and probably need to buy stock in whoever makes Prilosec and Zantac. Resistance movements evidently take a toll on the gut.

Unfortunate Location

by Louis Jenkins

In the front yard there are three big white pines,
 older than any-thing in the neighborhood 
except the stones. Magnificent trees that
toss their heads in the wind 
like the spirited black horses of a troika.
It’s hard to know what to do, 
tall dark trees on the south side of the house,
 an unfortunate location, blocking the winter sun.
 Dark and damp. Moss grows on the roof, 
the porch timbers rot and surely the roots
 have reached the old bluestone foundation. At night,
 in the wind, a tree could stumble and fall killing us in our beds.
 The needles fall year after year
 making an acid soil where no grass grows
We rake the fallen debris, nothing to be done, 
we stand around joysticks in our hands.
 Wonderful trees.

ps. until I figure out how to get my camera photos onto my Kindle, please note these photos are from Bing searches.


  1. The night of the election I got about 4 hours of sleep. We'd (ironically) eaten Taco Bell for dinner & my stomach was such a wreck from nerves & my burrito. I wonder if it's possible I could lose weight during the next four years? Doubtful; chocolate does not bother me.

    I can't believe your girls have so totally flown the coop! I'm a little jealous of honey-haired - although I'm not sure I could live there without pizza...


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