Late Harvest

after Rilke's Herbsttag

by Jeredith Merrin

Time, it is time.
Summer has been
long-stretched-out, full.
Go ahead, Fall:
shrink down the days
and sugar the grapes
for late-harvest wine.

Anyone still unknown
to herself will stay,
probably, that way.
Anyone unlinked by love
will be love-
left-out now—waking,
up and down
up and down,
restless as leaf-bits
and papers in the street.

I believe this will be the last poem and writing I post in a while. Perhaps forever. Who knows. With the rest of the stuff in my life that needs to get done, writing and blogging are becoming yet another task to complete, and not a respite.

I have so enjoyed meeting all of you and hearing your voices in the comments, and you may still see me lurking around some rainy Sunday afternoons. Best of life to you all and wishes for all of its blessings to you and yours. I'll be looking for you further on down the road.


  1. Elizabeth beat me to it. At least stop by and comment occasionally ?

  2. That makes me really sad. Your daily poem has been a birght spot in my otherwise shitty day surprisingly often.

    Boo! But do what you have to do, I guess. There are certainly times I wish I could stop blogging.

  3. Sad day! Don't stay away forever. Please?

  4. This is such a beautiful, Rilkean poem. Such a beautiful tree. Such a sad post. I will miss you. As Georgie says, Please don't stay away forever.

  5. I'll still be here if (when!) you come back!

  6. Oh NO! Please don't stop writing...I so look forward to your posts. Scale it back to at least once a week, but please don't stop writing. You have given me an education in writing and poetry that no college class ever did. Thank you. We love you! Come back soon.

  7. Your blog was one of the first that I visited and I have truly appreciated your choice of poems and images, but most of all the glimpses of your occasional original writings. Stepping away but leaving the door open...whatever is right for you, must be right.

  8. Oh no I'm so sad. I loved getting poetry in my life from your blog. Hope it's good stuff that's happening to you and your family. Will definitely miss you.

  9. Dear Distracted,
    After stumbling on your blog around the time it became a blog of note, I've been enjoying your poetry selections and other writings immensely... maybe if you only posted once a month or so it wouldn't seem like a chore ? Well, whatever works for you, but I would be truly sorry to see this delicious source of fresh water dry up forever. If you do come back from time to time, wonderful, and if not, well, thank you so much for all the joy and light that came shining out of this page...

  10. I'm really sad too. I have enjoyed your quiet blog, mostly poems and photos, really enjoyed. Thanks so much anyway and thanks so much for the job you do. Huge respect...


  11. I feel like I just lost a good friend. I do understand what you mean though and I honor your wish for more time, but please stay in touch. I will miss you more than you know.I wish you much love and blessings in your life. Love and hugs for always. I won't forget you. XOXO

  12. thank you for all that you have have made me remember how beautiful and touching poems can be... i do pray you return from your haitus 1 day, if not, soon.

    Grace - Singapore

  13. I await your return. Thank you for sharing these beautiful treasures. I hope that whatever is filling your life is wrapped in joy.

  14. Dear Distracted - It has been such a thrill to connect with you way over on the other side of the world (where magpies seriously rule!). Just amazing. I look forward to that first rainy Sunday in Cin City. Keep dancing. xx

  15. I hardly know what to say. I will miss you...I'm sure I will continue to peer at my dashboard whenever I am on to see you. I wish you well...kindred spirit...I wish you all of life's best. Thank you for the beauty you have shared. Hopefully after a spell you will take up the pen again under no pressure but to "think out loud." God bless you; till it rains....

  16. Well, I am really missing you already....I know it has only been a's just that there are very few voices, real voices that I enjoy reading...tons of photos, very talented posters and lots of images that catch my eye, but few people that I really listen to...smiles.

  17. I will catch you later. There is an ebb and tide to blogging and sometimes our lives and our minds demand it be set aside. I hope you'll be back after a respite.

  18. You will be missed.

  19. I ve been watching your blog some time now and that was my first time to comment on your "late harvest"...

    Unfortunately i found you on your way to "end" your "magpies".

    Hope and wish everything to be ok for you and your family and as we say here in Greece "αντίο".

  20. Goodbye. This is a decision we all consider from time to time, myself included lately. I hope your future holds much joy.

  21. ciao! ha aperto i battenti il nuovo portale di cinema direttamente dagli studios di Cinecittà. News, recensioni, anteprime, foto, video e tanto altro ancora; e se vuoi collaborare con noi scrivendo recensioni scrivici @ P.S. Complimenti per il blog, ottimo lavoro! (saresti daccordo per un'affiliazione? ci terrei particolarmente...) A presto! Lorenzo

  22. I understand and support your need for a respite and I do hope it isn't forever. You are special, even in silence.

    . . . but I'll break the silence to say: Waaaaaaaahhh! I'll miss you.

  23. Thank you for some beautiful poems. Happy days ahead to you.

  24. I wondered why I kept missing you.. normally you were near the top of my bloglist, but because you haven't been round, you're near the bottom... and I kept missing you...
    Anyway.. I hope you manage to get done all that needs to be done and that you manage to do it all surrounded by peace, grace and wisdom :-)
    We can wait for you... though your little inspiring moments will be a melancholy loss.
    All the best things!.. and sorry we're late to say so.. typical of us really! :-D

  25. Missing you... and the lovely poems you kept finding for us, always exquisite...


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