Saturday in CinCity

Shopping for Homecoming dresses,


and yon..


  1. How come hither is a yawn, and yon says come hither? :)

    Um, you cannot get away with making me wonder if you are in that photo. The quality of my weekend depends upon my not having to guess. (can I be dramatic or what?)

  2. Sorry, Lydia, not me. My old photos are somewhere safe, but undisclosed even to me and I'm the one who put them away. Hoping with our moving a bit of our overflow to the house up north I will unearth them.
    This photo seemed to be quintessential early 70's though. Didn't we all know those girls??:>)

  3. "Know" them? I thought the one in the middle was me. Until I got my glasses out and realized that her lovely thighs were much more lithe than my own!!! (Hear the laughter of the Wicked Witch of the West inserted right here.)

  4. Enjoyed catching up on all your posts :)

  5. we certainly all know the hair, don't we :-)

  6. I'm just now seeing your new magpie picture - I grew up where magpies were common, not always treasured. There were some, though, who spoke of teaching a magpie to talk. I believe they are very intelligent. I can remember wearing dresses that short - I believe I looked rather good in them, once upon a time. Not a lot of fun trying to sit down, though, as I recall.

  7. I'm still finding photos in boxes. Praise be to digital!
    Yes, we knew them and the one in the middle? She "friended" me at last week. She turned out normal and I'm not sure I'd have predicted that!


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