A Week of the Irish. The Secret of Roan Inish.

I don't know if many of you have seen this movie. In fact, I forget when it came out--CollegeGrrrl must have been around six or seven and neither of the grrrls remember the movie. But, I do, and I remember being taken aback when I first saw the young actress. She was a ringer for my older daughter, aside from the accent. Glad to have found the videos so I can take a glimpse backwards.


  1. And a happy St. Patrick's Day to you. I had forgotten about this magical film. I'll watch the rest. Thank you for bringing it back to my consciousness.

  2. Have never seen this one, but I'm a fan of John Sayles, and it looks beautiful...

  3. Thankn you! love that, and I don't remember it at all...so I guess I'll have to seek it out.smiles.

  4. I just watched this John Sayles' film a couple of weeks before I left SoCal. What a coincidence!


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