Treading on Time

excerpt from The Postmistress

by Sarah Blake

"...She wanted to push it all back. No time, no town. Nothing but each other's hands and the tempo of their tread. The sky seemed to bowl up and away, curving like a cat. It was a mild morning, as can sometimes happen, as though May had slid in quietly for this January day. There was no wind at all. They walked along, and under the silent morning sky, she imagined she could pull Time like taffy, stretching it longer and longer between her hands until the finest point had been reached, the point just before breaking, and she could live there. A point at the center of time with no going forward, no looking back. Clasped in this way, without speaking, walking into no discernible ending, she could almost believe they tread on time."

please note: art by Richard Thorn, Endless Sky


  1. Wow, what art in those words. I, too, would like to "tread on time".

    Excellent art and words.

  2. Hmmm...hmmm...hmmmm...I may just have to read The Postmistress before being able to make a more sensible comment...

  3. I am familiar with the taffy-puller nature of time.

    Nice excerpt. Treading in the Spacious Moment...

  4. "A point at the center of time..."

    How can we get there ? Where can we find the directions ?

  5. Mmmmm....very nice. Very nice, indeed. Thank you.

  6. I have heard that time folds in on itself.....smiles.


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