Saturday in CinCity

The Secret of Life

by Ellen Goldsmith

I grabbed the streetcar from Fisherman's Wharf
to the Ferry Building to save my feet for later.
My dollar bill, wrinkled and worn, resisted disappearing
into the slot. I stuffed the transfer
in my pocket without looking.

As the streetcar rounded the Embarcadero,
I called my mother-in-law with mother's day wishes,
imagined the conversation
I'd have with mine, were she alive.
On exiting, I asked the conductor
how long the transfer would last.
I gave you extra time, he said.
Just show it. Hardly anyone looks.
It's good until it's taken away.

please note: photo by Chris Gulkey, Embarcadero Pier


  1. Time is the greatest gift.

  2. "Hardly anyone looks.
    It's good until it's taken away."

    So true. Thank you--great photo too. Such atmosphere!

  3. LOVE San've taken me back there....smiles.

  4. You find the most perfectly haunting pieces...


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