Paying Attention in CinCity

School began again here in CinCity on Tuesday. I continued to deny it for a couple of days because I was working, but today I have driving duty and my September-May routine slid automatically back into its groove.

I'll have to pay closer attention this year since one of these morning drives will be my last. I won't know it though until weeks or months later. HoneyHaired has her temps. She's working on her driving hours. Once she gets her license some crazy work schedule conflict will arise which will just make it simpler for her to drive to school and that will be that. I remember many days of driving CollegeGrrrl back and forth, up and down and round and round, but I had no inkling that it would end so suddenly and so completely. Even as I write this I know I won't realize it this year either for that is the nature of baby birds leaving the nest.

So, I will strive to follow the words of wise men and yogis far and wide to BE PRESENT, and to pay attention, because, you know, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”--Yogi Berra

please note: art by Patrick Glover

To A High School Senior
by Pat Schneider

Don't go. Don't stay.
Daughter. Morning after afternoon
the last year slips away.

Singing all the old songs, you will go
(ambivalence of moon, certainty of sun)
we know

only half of what we are.
The earth is earth to us, star

if apprehended far enough away.
Daughter – don't go.
Don't stay.


  1. Oh! so much that! smiles.

  2. Sigh. BTS is too ominous and looming for this Teacher. I'm in complete Denial.

  3. Continued happiness as you keep letting go.

    Your daughters are very lucky to have you letting go like that.

  4. With a daughter heading into her last year of high school here, I'm already in a state of denial. I think. Or maybe I'm wrong... I don't know.

    She's been growing up fast while I've been a working fool. Can't get those years back. Can't accept that, but have no choice...

    Lovely poem, I like it, I hate it...

  5. A special post. And that poem! I will send it to my sister who is having great difficulty with her oldest son beginning his final year in high school.


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