New Year's Eve

We, through a serendipitous stroll in our neighborhood yesterday night, found ourselves in front of a restaurant we'd not been able to try. La Poste. It was late. We'd just left a bar with a good sounding band, but loud, and we'd started walking towards home listening to the revelries on the street and watching the young girls walking in their sky high heels.

La Poste was having quite a posh five course meal tasting and we happened to stop in at the right time after all their reservations had been seated and we could pick off the night's menu. The food was amazing. Hubby had duck breast and I had mushroom ravioli, but those words don't do justice to the food.

And so, by luck and happenstance we found ourselves in the midst of friendly faces and kind souls with a glass of champagne and chocolate mousse at midnight. It was a good night.

After Our Wedding
by Yehoshua Nobember

When you forgot the address of our hotel
in your suitcase,
the driver had to pull over
in front of the restaurant.

Men and women dining beneath the August sun
looked up from their salads
to clap for you,
a young, slender woman
in a wedding dress and tiara,
retrieving a slip of paper
from the trunk of a cab
in the middle of the street.

And since that day,
many of the guests at our wedding have divorced
or are gone,
and the restaurant has closed
to become a tattoo parlor.
And we have misplaced and found
many more papers,
but no one was clapping.

And the motion of the lives around us
has been like a great bus
slowly turning onto a crowded street.
And some of the passengers
have fallen asleep in their seats,

while others anxiously search
their jacket pockets
for the notes that might wed
their ordinary lives
to something lofty and astonishing.


  1. What a festive look to your blog! Glad you two had a fine evening for the turning of the year.

  2. Beautiful serendipity. Lovely meal. I love the poem. In fact it really inspires me (and I plan to write today . . . )

    I am so very happy for you, receiving the gift of A Year With Rumi! I understand wanting to have the book after reading the poems on the blog.

  3. All I want to say is, "Fantastic photo!" You two look great! And the poem is to die for!

    Congratulations on your lovely, unplanned and unexpected, culinary detour on the way to a brand-spanking Happy New Year!

  4. Nothing is ever accidental.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Beautiful poem, beautiful photo (how gorgeous--how happy you two look), amazing serendipity. Beautiful new year to you!

  6. How wonderful!...smiles.

  7. So glad you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. Great picture, and great poem. Thank you!

  8. Well, look at you two! Lovely shot and a lovely way to begin this year. I hope it is a wonderful one for you.

  9. Here's a link to the book which has the poem you posted:


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