Saturday in CinCity

Saturday mornings used to include a writing workshop class at 9am. Eventually I decided to stop going due to my slowness of creative outbursts. I'm more of a poetry writing gal--I like to get down to the gist of it without all the extraneous wordage. Though truthfully, that could actually be just sheer laziness on my part. I couldn't nag my muse to create a new poem every week and I may or may not have found that exquisite and one perfect word for which I was desperately searching the past seven days between classes. In my mind that makes for a slow and unusual punishment for the rest of the group. There was one woman, though, who, no matter what I wrote would tell me, "You have too many words in this poem." Always reminded me of Amadeus. Always.

Every. Single. Time.

Now that I'm back in school my right brain is in a continual spasm. Creative writing seems like an eon ago. However, I have the pleasure of introducing you to two of my friends from writing workshop--here and here. Buzz by when you have a few minutes to browse. I think you'll like them. Maria writes about the craft of writing when she's not comparing chili recipes and remember in this town we're talking chocolate and cinnamon. Lisa is writing about the experience of being in a clinical trial for MS, but of course, that involves discussions about dog walking and being told by strangers you look like your husband's mother. You know, daily life.

And here's to you, Too Many Words Lady--

On Ludlow

Red coat beneath
red umbrella
and the sky is just starting to snow.


  1. You're nothing if not creative. The poem? Perfect.

  2. Hey there! I came visiting from Rudee's blog. I used to a neuropsychologist. Now Im a music teacher. I love your blog and your writing. Hope u dont mind if I follow? x

  3. Ah - that right brain cramp. I'm just inching my way back into a more poetry-like form of expression, as a month-long experiment. I'm reminded, though, that the nourishment of creative expression is to read, read, read. I love the stuff that you find and post - so, many thanks.

  4. Thanks all for stopping by and for your comments. Michaela, glad to have you follow along anytime--a friend at work is from Australia. I'll have to ask her hometown again. And Mary Ellen, I'm trying to read, read, read...unfortunately a lot of it is Occupational Health Nursing which is dry, dry, dry :>)!!


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