Sunday in CinCity. The Spring Break Edition.

So sorry I've been quiet lately, but...aaaaaahhhhhhh...spring break. Two very special and lovely words.

I spent mine doing work my Occ. Health Workshop instructor told me on Friday at 4:50pm he wanted done by this week and sorry that he couldn't help at all, but he would be on vacation. I spent Monday attempting the impossible. Tuesday I worked at the hospital and then I spent three days out of town at a hearing conservation course.

And..., I worked at the hospital some more. Tomorrow's my day of vacation and I won't tell you what my to-do list looks like.

Right now all I want to do is not wake up to an alarm in the morning. And the weather reports of 1-3 inches of snow overnight?? Bring. It. On. More reason not to get off the couch while I listen to my new favorite radio program Lost and Found. "The best music you've never heard."

Lenten Dissent

by Cherie Lashway

There once was a logger, named Paddy O'Connell,
Who at lunch during Lent, found himself at McDonalds,

And had just settled down to his Big Mac and fries,
When along came his priest, much to both their surprise.

The priest said to Paddy, "Just what are you eating?
In this season of Lent, I sure hope you're not cheating."

Paddy said to the Father, "I'll tell you no lies.
I'm enjoying a Big Mac, along with some fries."

The priest said to Paddy, "I see no repentance.
Because of this sin, you will have to do penance.

"By Friday or sooner, I say that you should,
For our fireplace, deliver a cord of chopped wood."

Now our timberman, Paddy, an overworked man,
Did think to himself, "I don't think that I can."

But early on Friday, our priest, he heard shoveling,
And looked out the window at Paddy not groveling.

And saw with confusion, dismay and disgust,
That the wood bin was now almost filled with saw dust.

He called down below, barely hiding his ire:
"Hey Paddy, your penance was wood for the fire!"

To which Paddy said, rising up from his work,
While wiping his brow and concealing a smirk:

"I've brought you a cord, like you said that I should,
But if burger be meat, well then sawdust be wood!"


  1. Love that poem! Go ahead and sleep late--it sounds as though you've earned at least a little lie in.


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