Monday in CinCity. The There's Got To Be A Morning After Edition.

Well, Super Bowl has come and gone. We are a family who rarely watches football, but we do enjoy that last match-up, especially since we have no dog in the fight. We choose loyalties out of the air. Well, I take that back. She-Who-Was-Formerly-Known as CollegeGrrrl/Blondie, but who has now passed her State Board exams and dyed her hair brown and is now officially an RN(!!!!)(NewRNGrrrl??), does watch sports and generally has a  sports-related reason for supporting a team was rooting for the NY Giants. HoneyHaired Grrrrl liked the Giants because her dormmate is from New Jersey and thus was rooting for a hometown favorite. I liked the Giants because my TV boyfriend, Jon Stewart, likes them and Hubby changes his mind mid-game for whoknowswhat reasoning. He does like an underdog.

I missed half the game as I worked a "Princess Shift"---3pm-7:30pm---and got home to see the tail end of Madonna. If she can prance around with those heels on a slick looking stage more power to her. Power to the prance.

We in the NeuroDrama unit have been working extra shifts in the Cardiac ICU. They've hired a new surgeon to rev up their heart failure/heart transplant department and find themselves with many more patients than staff right now. It's always geographically challenging to walk into another unit and start in running since this unit is designed and set up much differently, but the principles behind treating cardiovascular and neurovascular are much different also. It's been good for clearing cobwebs out of my brain.

The Republican debates and primary tour have been about the only source of humor for me so far this year. Please don't judge me too harshly. Since my friends's deaths I take my lightness-of-being where it comes. Newt lifts my spirits with his petulance and sanctimonious speechifying. There's no Roman Catholic like a newly converted Roman Catholic. Puts the rest of us to shame I tell you, shame, shame, shame!

Buddha in Sunlight

by Red Hawk

Our old dog lies on the front porch in sunlight.

He moves as the sun moves, follows it

along the porch, rising slowly, never

going further than is necessary

to stay within the warm curve of worship.

He yawns, scratches, sheer minimalist,

conservation of energy. This morning

a rabbit hopped into the yard,

nibbling clover.

He lifted his head, eyed it for a moment,

then lowered his head,

closed his eyes.

This is what Buddha taught:

take no interest

in the arising of thought.

The sun moves off the porch;

he descends delicately the way

a nude descends from her bath, and

he finds a place in the grass.

The rabbit nibbles away,


Let it be, Buddha said;

it will settle


Please note: Dog Asleep on Porch by John C. Browne(1838-1918)


  1. I had no dog in the race yesterday, but still wanted the Giants to win. I liked that Eli was playing in his brother's house and had an opportunity to one-up his brother. That and the commercials.

    I liked the halftime show. Like a Prayer was beautiful for a 23 year old song.

    Wow. I'm old.

  2. Mom I was rooting for the Patriots b/c that's who Ochocinco plays for now!!! Silly!!! But I like the Giants too - secretly I was hoping that the Patriots would make a phenomenal touchdown in the last 30 seconds of the game to win it. Oh well. And who could judge you for laughing at the Republican primary? Don't SNL writers write their speeches? I thought they were supposed to be that hilarious. I have to go, Priscilla woke up from a nap and proceeded to destroy a new roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom, hallway, and living room. She's is just so precious. Now she is hunting an orange mousey.

  3. I was pretty impressed with Madonna - and like Rudee I loved the last song best. We had to go watch the original Like a Prayer video - still has a lot of punch (to me anyway!).

    I've been enjoying all the Republican shenanigans too.

    Love the poem - I think I'm a lot like that old dog :)

  4. A perfect post, I must say.

    I watched Madonna (tears with the final song) and the last six minutes of the game. Made for a great Super Bowl experience. Even with all the theatrics, however, it was not as good a show as some of the R-debates have been. Bunch of clowns.

    Abby (nearly 11) and Bonbon (nearly 10) are growing old quickly together. They do not understand. I wish I didn't.

    Congrats to NewRNgrrrl. That is just super news!

    Now think I'll follow The Bug's lead and go watch the original Like a Prayer video.....

  5. LOVE will settle itself......smiles


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