Work is done

and a most companionable moon followed me home
from my shift at the human industrial plant 
where I repair bad brains and injured lives.
We drove as partners through the curving streets of the neighborhood,
yellow-flamed windows beckoning as the dust of the day loosened
and lifted, landing on a half opened car window
before blowing back into the world.

We passed the last dog walks of the evening.
I raise a hand in greeting to all
knowing how quickly their arcs too could be felled.
The moon, my constant, I leave with the remains of the day
for illumination.

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  1. That is exquisite. Happy harvest moon to you.

  2. Nice work. I really liked your enjambment and alliteration, esp. There is good movement here as well. I can feel the relaxation deepen as the poem progresses. I like how the punctuation of the last sentence makes its meaning ambiguous.


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