Sunday in CinCity

Every year when we watch the Oscar ceremonies we see the nominations for the short films and documentaries and say out loud, "WTH??  Who gets to see these films?" And then, the next day or even by the end of the program we've forgotten the whole matter.

This year after a particularly cabin-fever inducing snow fall we booted our way up to the village to check out civilization and noticed a flyer on Sitwell's Coffee Shop window with a date and a theater location to watch the Oscar Shorts. Serendipity!! The Cincinnati World Cinema has been doing it for the last 14 years and we're nothing but clueless morons to have missed it all these years. I think you can also buy it on Amazon for instant viewing on your device. But again, techno idjits are we with the attention span of a moth.

So short films work well with our distracted brains. The longest film was 39 minutes I believe. The shortest, 3 minutes, give or take a minute or so. Seven films the first day, or the first half of one day depending on how you arranged your tickets for the two day viewing. We split the days up so we could mull over the films of one day before taking in the next chance to slide through the cracks of memory before we can make it home.

The films are a mixture with live action and animation, funny and somber. All are fascinating.

Our first afternoon started with The Dam Keeper and it's been hard to keep it from being my favorite with the story and the artwork. 

But, there's The Single Life and The Phone Call and Powder Keg...All of them jewels. To keep it all things CinCity, the winner of this year's Oscar was Feast directed by a hometown artsy genius, Patrick Osborne.

And, like all two days with 14 movies should end...they all lived happily ever after.


  1. This is on our radar now, girl; and it never won't be again!


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