by Howard Nemerov

Prig offered Pig the first chance at dessert,
So Pig reached out and speared the bigger part.

"Now that," cried Prig, "is extremely rude of you!"
Pig, with his mouth full, said, "Wha, wha' wou' 'ou do?"

"I would have taken the littler bit," said Prig.
"Stop kvetching, then it's what you've got," said Pig.

So virtue is its own reward, you see.
And that is all it's ever going to be.


  1. Clever. Much easier to cut equal portions, don't you think? For instance, I cut up an apple pie into 8 pieces last night. Just don't tell anyone I ate two of them.

  2. Howard Nemerov was raised by wolves!

  3. My childhood with my older sister counting M&M's, one for you, two for me, one for you, two for me!!!

  4. I wanna know where you got that illustration. That's hilarious!!!

    Do you know the secret of splitting a banana in 3 equal pieces? E-mail me and I'll tell you how!

    Nice to see you in the 'hood. And that's for your lovely sentiment about my friend Renie. Meant a great deal to me.


  5. Thank you for the chuckle... perhaps the Prig should not dine with Pigs if he does not like their manners...

  6. You are back! I missed you. Love Pooh and he is so wise. xoxo

  7. LOL...Pooh IS wise, not to mention germophobic!

  8. I do so love your blog! thank you so much for taking the time to do it.

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!!.. I love this, all of it! just when you think you've seen every possible pooh incarnation possible


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