Two Girls

by Jim Harrison

Late November (full moon last night),
a cold Patagonia moon, the misty air
tinkled slightly, a rank-smelling bull
in the creek bottom seemed to be crying.
Coyotes yelped up the canyon
where they took a trip-wire photo of a jaguar
last spring. I hope he's sleeping or eating
a delicious deer. Our two little girl dogs
are peeing in the midnight yard, nervous
about the bull. They can't imagine a jaguar.


  1. Have just spent the lovliest few minutes catching up here, your mind and the shiny things it hoards is a joy to read :-)
    Hope your thanksgiving went wonderfully, belated/extended best wishes :0)

  2. I could see it and that is the best sign of good writing.

  3. Such a picture painted . . . even before I saw the picture. Such an escape.



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