by Galway Kinnell

I open my eyes to see how the night
is progressing. The clock glows green,
the light of the last-quarter moon
shines up off the snow into our bedroom.
Her portion of our oceanic duvet
lies completely flat. The words
of the shepherd in Tristan, "Waste
and empty, the sea," come back to me.
Where can she be? Then in the furrow
where the duvet overlaps her pillow,
a small hank of brown hair
shows itself, her marker that she's here,
asleep, somewhere down in the dark
underneath. Now she rotates
herself a quarter turn, from strewn
all unfolded on her back to bunched
in a Z on her side, with her back to me.
I squirm nearer, careful not to break
into the immensity of her sleep,
and lie there absorbing the astounding
quantity of heat a slender body
ovens up around itself.
Her slow, purring, sometimes snorish,
perfectly intelligible sleeping sounds
abruptly stop. A leg darts back
and hooks my ankle with its foot
and draws me closer. Immediately
her sleeping sounds resume, telling me:
"Come, press against me, yes, like that,
put your right elbow on my hipbone, perfect,
and your right hand at my breasts, yes, that's it,
now your left arm, which has become extra,
stow it somewhere out of the way, good.
Entangled with each other so, unsleeping one,
together we will outsleep the night.

please note: photo by DK, blogsite, Yukiguni


  1. These days, I am the insomniac. I lament the loss of sleeping with immensity.

  2. "Her portion of our oceanic duvet
    lies completely flat"
    ooooo I love that turn of the phrase....thank you, for everything,.... being back, mostly...smiles.

  3. That's lovely. My insomnia hasn't been feeling so nice though.

  4. Yes, lovely, but I'm afraid I'm the insomniac one in my household and my little dog could care less.

  5. sleepless nights are not so peaceful...snoring hubby to the left of me, snoring dog to the right, perfectly contented cat at my feet--as long as I don't move. And whoever manufactures those worthless earplugs must laugh their way to sleep!


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