Things I Know

by Joyce Sutphen

I know how the cow's head turns
to gaze at the child in the hay aisle;

I know the way the straw shines
under the one bare light in the barn.

How a chicken pecks gravel into silt
and how the warm egg rests beneath

the feathers—I know that too, and
what to say, watching the rain slide

in silver chains over the machine
shed's roof. I know how one pail

of water calls to another and how
it sloshes and spills when I walk

from the milk-house to the barn.
I know how the barn fills and

then empties, how I scatter lime
on the walk, how I sweep it up.

In the silo, I know the rung under
my foot; on the tractor, I know

the clutch and the throttle; I slip
through the fence and into the woods,

where I know everything: trunk
by branch by leaf into sky.

please note: photo by Ron and Kay Weber


  1. What a beautiful poem. I love the art in your header.

  2. Beautiful. Inspires me to start a list of things I know...

  3. Beautiful words....
    and I too love the new header image...
    and for the life of me can't place the looks familiar...can you whisper it to me? smiles.

  4. I know I enjoy visiting A Tidings, and reading the poems you manage to find for us...

    Happy Holidays...

  5. Really beautiful.
    Yes, the new header is marvelous!

  6. Wonderful poem; I can smell the hay in the barn...Love the new header! Hope your holiday was wonderful. All best for the new year!

  7. I can only say "ditto" - the Monet picture is amazing - landscape become forms of light. The poem is vivid too - what wonderful shiny objects you always bring to us!


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