Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking at Pictures to Be Put Away

by Gary Snyder

Who was this girl
In her white night gown
Clutching a pair of jeans

On a foggy redwood deck.
She looks up at me tender,
Calm, surprised,

What will we remember
Bodied thick with food and lovers
After twenty years.


  1.'s been way too long since I last read Gary Snyder, so that his distinctive voice here seems itself like a mysterious old picture...though not quite as mysterious as your photo...what's going on there?

  2. My HoneyHaired Grrrl had a project in her 9th grade History class to report on different world religious leaders. Wish I could find the pic of her as the Dalai Lama--bald cap, big metal framed glasses, yellow sheet and maroon silk curtain. And black wingtips. Deep apologies to the real Dalai Lama though I think he'd get a laugh from it:>)


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