Another Snow Day from School, ...

...another low-census day off from work,and another day to walk up to the local movie theater. This time, I believe to see Invictus. I am all about making these days off educational for Miss HoneyHaired.

Too Much Snow

by Louis Jenkins

Unlike the Eskimos we only have one word for snow but we have a
lot of
modifiers for that word. There is too much snow, which, unlike rain,
does not
immediately run off. It falls and stays for months. Someone wished for
snow. Someone got a deal, five cents on the dollar, and spent the
entire family
fortune. It's the simple solution, it covers everything. We are never
with the arrangement of the snow so we spend hours moving the snow from
place to another. Too much snow. I box it up and send it to family and
I send a big box to my cousin in California. I send a small box to my
She writes "Don't send so much. I'm all alone now. I'll never be able
to use so
much." To you I send a single snowflake, beautiful, complex and
different from all the others.


  1. We finally got some snow here, too. Unfortunately, I never get a low census day, although I do get days when the hospice hot line never rings. During our blizzard last night, I had no such luck. Today is another day, though and I have hope for a silent night.

    Enjoy the movie.

  2. we were hoping to get loads of snow, but only got a vague dusting... I love snow!.. send it our way please :-)


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