Sunday in CinCity. Just Breathe.

please note: photo by Cassandra Nelson for Mercy Corps


  1. Always so nice to visit you. Stop by my place and catch my new giveaway! Happy Sunday!

  2. have been catching up on events in your neck of the woods... things sound busy!
    The poems you post never fail to transport me, seconds stand still and the atmosphere is physically changed for a moment.... I don't know where you find them all :-)
    hope alls well for you, have a great week :-)

  3. Dear Distracted, was out of circulation for a while, doing some deep breathing elsewhere, but good to get back to the blogosphere, and to catch up a little with some of the best, like yours... love the music selections you've posted lately, the jazz cover, and the pieces from Mardi Gras, and this one. Awful to think that one tiny blood vessel can burst, and wham, we're sent away, never to return. Fragile creatures we are, strange how we can be so proud and arrogant, when we should be quiet and humble, oh so humble.


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