Saturday in CinCity

It's a gloriously rainy morning here in the river city. So rainy that one can think of nothing to do but sit and rest and listen to the changing rhythms of the water. I'm exhausted from the last two days of work. My head feels full of cotton and my legs throb. Busy with head bleeds, home invasion gun-shot wounds, and several motorcycles vs cars/trucks/pavement. Lots of road trips, which, when it involves a critical care patient, might as well be a gyspy caravan with all the equipment we carry with us. If someone out there can invent a portable Starbucks coffeemaker we'll take it and make a place for it on the bed.

As for me, I'm getting another cup of home brewed joe and putting my feet up on hubby's lap. I may, or may not, contemplate the ceiling :>)

In the Land of Words
by Eloise Greenfield

In the land
of words,
I stand as still
as a tree,
and let the words
rain down on me.
Come, rain, bring
your knowledge and your
music. Sing
while I grow green
and full.
I'll stand as still
as a tree,
and let your blessings
fall on me.


  1. Contemplating the ceiling is a noble and worthy occupation.

    Especially if one can get out one's ancient vinyl album of Quadrophenia, and turn up a bit loudly a tune like Love Reign o'er Me... What an incredible album that was. Mine is heavily worn...

  2. I hope the rain doesn't wash you away. I love that road/field trips seems to be universal terminology in our biz. Home invasions sound scary. What the hell is wrong with people?

    Keep your feet up today. I'm in a lull between loads of boxes coming in from my daughter's house. My back hurts and I'm hotter than hell. With a heat index in the 90s, we should have picked another day. Ugh.

  3. Gorgeous poem and song. Wish I could bring you that Starbucks cart!

  4. I'm a day late, since I was in the city to the north yesterday. Love the poem---will look for more by her. I hope you kept your feet up and cup full, yesterday. I'm doing it today.


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