Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Song

by William Carlos Williams

Wanderer moon
smiling a
faintly ironical smile
at this
brilliant, dew-moistened
summer morning,—
a detached
sleepily indifferent
smile, a
wanderer's smile,—
if I should
buy a shirt
your color and
put on a necktie
where would they carry me?

please note: art by Dale Hueppchen


  1. A necktie sky blue, where would they carry me?

    Very good question...

    Perhaps somewhere like what can be seen in the lovely film : Tengri le Bleu du Ciel, which takes place in the mountains of Khyrgistan, Tengri being the word for the infinite in the local dialect...

  2. Beautiful....both words and image....smiles.


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