Don't Worry. Be Happy.

Just wanted to mention I'm still here buzzing around. Worked the weekend. The usual--an undocumented Hispanic worker with traumatic brain injury from head vs baseball bat and a found down X 24hrs with an intracerebral hemorrhage and heroin abuse. Had an early meeting this morning with one of the fire chiefs of a neighboring township to go over survey questions for a study on "near-misses" and I'm trying to read up tonight for a get-together tomorrow with members of a potential research project I might work with--heat stress in fire fighters.

I may be able to get funding to go full-time in the spring, but I still need to work my 36hrs/week and I carry the medical insurance, so I like to wake up at 3 or 4 o'clock in the mornings and see if I can make the puzzle pieces fall into place. So far they have not.

I don't have to go full time, though it would be very, very nice to have tuition paid for. I'm trying to rationalize 15 credit hours as working overtime. ahhhhhhhh, something will work out. Or, not. I'll tell you one thing--it's nice to have options.

HoneyHaired has been working on college applications and CollegeGrrrl is looking at military options once she's out of school and is an RN. Time does move on...
...unless you have a basement full of old magazines and/or watch Mad Men 24/7. Then, it's 1960's 4ever.


  1. Your Monday is spent dealing with a patient with massive head injury. My Monday is spend dealing with a student who sends me rude emails. Thank you for putting things in perspective for me!

    Your grrrls and my two older boys must be about the same age. As much as I have tried to make time stand still over the years, it just keeps marching faster.

    Thanks for a post that made me smile. Good luck with your research!

  2. Time stands still for those who read too much into that Lucky ad. Just sayin'.

    The answers for what to do will come to you. If you do go full time, the pain of it all will fade--much like labor pain does.

  3. Having options for the puzzle together is most definitely best. Second best is?

    Hey, Honey-Haired is working on college apps and my nephew Noah has been also...and he was just accepted to the Univ. of Cincinnati, his first choice (also where his girlfriend is going to go)! My sis has written that she hopes the money thing can work out because she doesn't want him stuck at Ball State breathing the same air he has breathed all his life...

  4. I agree with Erin....thank you for the perspective....smiles.

  5. Always great to hear about your life outside the gorgeous poetry. Sorta like a radio serial from the 60s! ;o) Hope the study plans come together.

  6. The utube video lessens my guilt for buying my dad cartons of cigarettes for xmas as a kid. (He died at 50)


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