Sundays in CinCity

It’s Sunday Morning in Early November

by Philip Schultz

and there are a lot of leaves already.
I could rake and get a head start.
The boy's summer toys need to be put
in the basement. I could clean it out
or fix the broken storm window.
When Eli gets home from Sunday school,
I could take him fishing. I don't fish
but I could learn to. I could show him
how much fun it is. We don't do as much
as we used to do. And my wife, there's
so much I haven't told her lately,
about how quickly my soul is aging,
how it feels like a basement I keep filling
with everything I'm tired of surviving.
I could take a walk with my wife and try
to explain the ghosts I can't stop speaking to.
Or I could read all those books piling up
about the beginning of the end of understanding...
Meanwhile, it's such a beautiful morning,
the changing colors, the hypnotic light.
I could sit by the window watching the leaves,
which seem to know exactly how to fall
from one moment to the next. Or I could lose
everything and have to begin over again.

please note: photo by Richard Longden

It's a windy and warm day here in CinCity. Good day for walking the dog who has been up at the lake for a week with hubby and now has much sniffing and peeing to do around the neighborhood. Gotta catch up on all the doggie news fit to be sniffed. He is now exhausted, sleeping and snoring. I am trying to get through a third course in a required educational offering by and for the Investigative Review Board. It's what everyone must get through in order to be involved in any manner of data collecting in a research study. Each course has modules and this one has a repetitive sixteen. My eyes might be permanently glazed.

However, by happenstance, went to a lecture about two weeks ago from a childhood concentration camp survivor of the "twin studies" carried out by Dr. Mengele at Auschwitz. If she can survive that, surely I can read and test for ethical behavior in research. She lives in Terra Haute, Indiana now. I'll have to find that paperwork and pass on her website and museum information.

Honeyhaired and I went to the art museum yesterday

to see the Gainesborough Modern Woman exhibit and also the wedding gown collection on the other side of the balcony. Always a nice place to go to clear the cobwebs out...

Now trying to decide on dinner. I don't know, salmon? And couscous with some roasted asparagus? Leftover Halloween candy and an old wilted salad in the refridgerator? Both sound tasty.


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