"Monday, Monday, Can't Trust that Day..."


by Wyatt Townley

It's only the body
It's only a hip joint
It's just a bulging disc
It's only weather
It's only your heart
It's a shoulder who needs it
This happens all the time
It's very common
It's unusual
For people your age
For people your age
You're in great shape
Remarkable shape
It's nothing you did
The main thing is
It's temporary
It's only a doll
In a house that's burning

please note: photo art by Paul Politis. Title by The Mamas and the Papas.


  1. OMG, that describes me to a T! I'm a tad tired of reading/hearing about "at your age..." Funny, somehow, to read it in a poem. Thanks!

  2. I agree with Rose on the part about tired of hearing "at your age"... we are, at any age, what we aspire to be/do through the way we live. nice poem!

  3. Well it's a good thing it's not about my body because it would need about 15 more lines. And don't even start about my mind...

  4. As always, love your post! Have to admit I'm envious of how, with your so busy life, you always have time to post something provocative, useful, engaging, wonderful.


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