One of Those Weeks...

Things have been been discombobulated here. Awry as it were. HoneyHaired was in a car accident--she's fine, car's not, and she has a ticket to pay. Squirrels have been falling down a venting pipe and landing above the hot water heater where they succomb to carbon monoxide, excessive heat, or both, my computer up and died, and Finance in Healthcare is kicking my ass. 4 credit hours...? More like 4 hours every morning and 4 hours every afternoon that I'm off. I'd share the finer details, but it's Greek to me. But, 5 more weeks.

So, just a quick drop in and then I'm planning on watching Glee and going to bed. Perhaps not in that order. It's been several of one of those weeks and still one of those days...:>)

To Be Continued: A Parable

by Samuel Hazo

It's like a play.
Or rather
the revival of a play in which
you're still the main character.
The set, the lighting and the stage
are what they were, but not
the cast.
Different actors
have the roles that other actors
acted when the play first
You make comparisons
but then accept the differences
as given.
Somehow you only feel
secure in character but alien
to all the others on the stage.
Their names will keep on changing
as the run resumes with younger
people in older roles.
The script
will stay the same.
You know
your lines by heart but try
to say them in a different voice
each night.
The other actors
say your character and you
are one.
Sometimes this seems
a sentence, sometimes a challenge.
Either way you keep on playing
your part.
You have no choice.


  1. I know how you feel; I have a massive project due this Friday for a class, no clue how to pull it all together after teaching all day, and spring break is already over. Oh, and my husband was let go three weeks ago and he's starting to get discouraged now. Did I mention we have 3 girls in college? No, because your blog is supposed to be about you! My point was that I feel your pain. Sorry about that. Hang in there, we'll both make it somehow.

  2. A child's first car crash can be such a blessing. They learn that cars are not invincible and neither are they. Congrats that you have that behind you now.

  3. Thank heavens, HoneyHaired is fine. I'm sorry to hear of all the discombobulation! Perhaps the planets will align properly for you soon!

  4. My goodness, you have your hands full! Glad Honey-Haired was not inured. Whew! Life is complicated. Anne

  5. Puts our newly leaking roof in perspective!

  6. So glad the car accident hurt the car and not Honey-Haired. A Squirrel exteriminator, had not thought of that one!

    I work healthcare financials. If there is ever a subject that is guaranteed to not make sense it is that one. Good Luck!!!

  7. Glad your sweety-heart is OK. That's what's important. Now go get busy and shoo away that black cloud.

  8. Ha!! Thanks everyone. I needed that! Now onward and upward to capital expenditures. Say whaaaattt???


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