Saturday in CinCity. The Between a Rock and a Hard Place Edition.

Well...I'm still home. Still on house arrest medical leave until June 16 when I go to the OR to get this badboy stone out. It's very frustrating and I feel horribly guilty about not working. I feel okay most of the time; like I've been kicked in my right flank by a horse, but that's do-able. But, about once a day that stone must do something--I do not know what--and I'm down. I try very hard not to drive since that seems to aggravate the situation. If the potholes in your city are anything like here, you know exactly what I mean. The preview of lithotripsy.

So, I am home and bored though I have plenty to do here. HoneyHaired will be moving into a dorm come August and now's a good time to really get rid of childhood remnants. I didn't do all that well when CollegeGrrrl went away. I was hesitant to make the final decisions about what to toss and what to keep. I thought she might want some of her clothes, CD's, movies, books, makeup here at home and of course, she never does. Where before I didn't want to throw anything of her away, old papers and King's Island winnings are just stuff now. Stuff that's in the way.

I'll admit, looking at the bookshelves upstairs on the kids' floor hurts my heart when I see the books they loved and kept. Goodnight Moon, The Indian in the Cupboard  don't seem all that long ago. So when I feel like that I come down and work on my desk getting ready to be a fulltime student in the fall. I barely managed the piles of papers on the dining room table system with 2 classes. Not going to work for 4 classes and a research project.

I'm trying not to fritter my time away here. It's a blessing to have so much of it in one long stretch. I'd love to say I'm reading Dickens or Shakespeare, learning Italian, but I'm not. I'm reading The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller and catching up on Parenthood, Bones, The Good Wife. HoneyHaired and I, unfortunately, have discovered the Bravo channel with Million Dollar Listings and Million Dollar Designers. We've also met the Housewives. WTF is that about?? It might be the pain medicine but, I cannot tell one wife from another. That show will suck all the juice out of your brain cells. Really. It might be an alien plot to capture the brain juices of unsuspecting Americans. Don't do it.

Gonna walk the dog, though he is happily snoozing in front of the fan, and let this day roll on through to the next one...

Weather is Whether
by Harriet Zinnes

Feverish. Exultant.
Eyes closed,
There were blushes,
but they were of yesterday.

There are songs heard,
And there are poems on the pages
of closed books.

Here in the now
that is not yesterday
is the tomorrow
that will appear
more as a ghost than as a sunrise.

Spirit is a gossamer thread.
The ego lies on the sand near falling rocks.

Where the once was
is an isness gone into a bare wall.
There in the lap of the gods
are the wind, the rain, the snow.

Weather is whether,
And whether is the weakness of the turning earth.


  1. I wouldn't want such a long stretch off under the conditions you're doing this. I have total empathy for what you're going through. Soon they'll shatter that nasty interloper, and life will be back to normal, so enjoy what time you do have right now, and do so without guilt.

  2. I am sorry for the stone, but glad you have some time to yourself....never a bad thing for "busy women"...smiles.

  3. Forced Down Time. Not the best thing in life, but it sounds like you are using it contemplatively (all except for the housewives...).

    Here is a little ditty for your stone.

  4. The calm before the storm...breathe deep and try to breathe easy.

  5. There are moments when I realize my sippy cup days are numbered and get really free with the chocolate milk. This post makes my chest tight.

    And hey, you must yell louder. That urologist should have had you in days ago.


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