Sunday in CinCity. The Evening Edition.

On our run-for-the-hills escape romantic one day getaway, Hubby and I saw The Tree of Life, which is lush in visuals and in music and is quite good, though non-linear in its storyline. I'd see it again, and actually, think we'll get the DVD when it comes out if only to hear the conversations better. We also went for dinner at our favorite neighborhood bistro and shared a Tonight's Special of two petit filets with red wine sauce and risotto with mushrooms, walnuts and spinach. Wish now we'd gotten two or twelve so there'd be left-overs. I could eat that for every single meal.

Our movie choice was simply and purely based on which movie time was the soonest. Having only seen the previews Bad Teacher might better have fit my warped humor state of mind:

I've seen Bridesmaids which is snort out loud funny. The kind of funny that you start to worry if you'll be able to stop laughing. HoneyHaired and I saw it together, but we'd like to do an experiment and take the Hubby and see if men think it's funny. If you do your own experiments, please let me know. Gotta love the research

but, since I began this talking about Tree of Life, let me leave you with its trailer and see what you think.

Hope you all have a happy week.


  1. I'm a little afraid to see that movie. It looks deep and thoughtful, and I don't want to do that kind of work right now. I remember seeing "Revolutionary Road" when it first came out, and I'm still not over it. That and "The Hours."

  2. Your romantic evening out sounds lovely. Hope you're feeling better.

    Did you read Roger Ebert's review? It does tend to make me want to see this. The trailer is visually stunning and I love Sean Penn's acting. So, perhaps.

    I am looking forward to seeing Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig this month in, Cowboys and Aliens...even if Daniel Craig broke my heart by getting married this weekend.

  3. I too am a little leery of the movie....looks very well done, but the subject might be more emotion than I can take.....Glad that you had a good time though....smiles.

  4. You know, I was a little apprehensive because I thought it was going to be too much of stuff I didn't want to be in on a day of escape.'s more like that video of the neuroscientist who describes having a left sided stroke, which left her right side doing all the processing--very holistic and big picture thinking. It's an "everything's gonna be okay" kind of movie. And beautiful, but I really liked the soundtrack.

  5. The trailer showed how interesting the film is, should grab a copy of my own.


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