TGIF. The Two Days Before Christmas Edition.

Dewey's pizza and a movie with hubby and the girls. 'Cause nothing says Christmas like watching a hot mess ruin a perfectly lovely family occasion, or as we say in my family, "Merry Damn Christmas!!" (apologies to those of you who did not grow up with alcoholics)


  1. :-). Happy happy holidays dear Annie.xoxo

  2. Ha-ha-ha. I grew up with a bully, and an emotionally fragile mother. Not a good mix. The alcoholics were a part of my husband's family. I totally get what you're saying.

  3. Apologies? Didn't everyone?

    Merry Pizza & a Happy New Movie!

  4. I think my favorite part was after the movie when you looked at me and asked what happened next. She went back to the city and got her shit together. Love you!


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