We went to a wedding on New Year's Eve...the eldest son of my best friend from high school. My friend who recently died. The wedding was held in the same church as her funeral four months ago. Seems like yesterday. The wedding was beautiful, and joyful, perhaps more so because of the sorrow that each one of us felt at our loss of her. It's no secret that not all marriages end happily ever after and the priest talked about the courage that this couple had in making a commitment of marriage and in having hope for their future. He is correct. It does take courage and, of course, his words were meant to do more than seal the deal for this young couple. The priest was aware of all the broken hearts in that church on this cold winter evening and of the power of love to heal them. To believe that is a path of the brave.

A Wedding Poem

by Thomas R. Smith 

Bright faces surround the woman in white,

the man in black, the sweetness of their attention

to each other a shine rising toward the high ceiling.

The men watch the groom, and the women

the bride, as they speak their candle-lit vows,

as if there were something in it for us personally.

Worn by the distances we the already-married

have traveled down the road on which these two

are setting out, we leave the dust of the journey

outside the door of this house where tonight no word

is casual, no posture undignified, and each

becomes again handsome in them, beautiful in them.


  1. What a nice way to start the new year... with hope!

  2. I found your blog through a friend of mine and so far, love it! I am at Stop by if you get a chance. By that time my sad, sad memory will remember the name of my friend whose blog I discovered you! :-) Ah ha---it was No Extended Warranties. Have a great day!

  3. I agree with Jewels. Hope and courage, the two best things to begin a marriage with. Lovely poem also. Thank you.

  4. We got married in December (long time ago), but New Year's Eve would have been a great wedding day too. I'm so glad this couple decided to go ahead with the wedding - I imagine it was healing for all of you.

  5. A New Year's wedding sounds perfect given the circumstances. I hope such a joyous occasion did bring some healing to your hearts.

  6. Well, it is a brave act! Wise priest, and this couple is deserving of that kind of wisdom and honesty. I think it is so profound that you were there for her son. Chokes me up.


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