Sunday in CinCity

 Wild Geese

by Charles Goodrich

I'm picking beans when the geese fly over, Blue Lake pole

beans I figure to blanch and freeze. Maybe pick some dilly beans.

And there will be more beans to give to the neighbors, forcibly if


The geese come over so low I can hear their wings creak, can

see their tail feathers making fine adjustments. They slip-stream along

so gracefully, riding on each other's wind, surfing the sky. Maybe

after the harvest I'll head south. Somebody told me Puerto Vallarta is

nice. I'd be happy with a cheap room. Rice and beans at every meal.

Swim a little, lay on the beach.

Who are you kidding, Charles? You don't like to leave home

in the winter. Spring, fall, or summer either. True. But I do love to

watch those wild geese fly over, feel these impertinent desires glide

through me. Then get back to work.


  1. Ah, those impertinent desires ! Seem to know them well...


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