24 March 2008

We saw a deer on our walk today. A bushy white-tailed female bounded in front of us from Dunore Park and ran into the ivy woodiness of land next to the graveyard. Brutus was on it like the mighty but slow hunter that he is, and stood at attention looking northward every time he saw a flutter of movement to the side. No more deer sightings though.
Wouldn’t even be much of a mention except that we live in the city and Dunore Park is just a snip of land in the shape of a half-moon that’s grassy and has a swing set for the neighborhood kids and two park benches for their parents or lazy dog walkers. It’s a cut- out from Ludlow Avenue, now a four lane road that comes up from Hamilton Avenue in Northside and the expressways. Our lone deer must have come from the wooded areas surrounding the homes of Clifton Crest and run across the four lanes of road and traffic back to the sheltered wood of the graveyard. We’ve seen a family of deer there before, their tracks left in the snow some winter mornings. Once, on mother’s day two years ago, we saw three of them casually strolling across Ludlow on the quiet Sunday afternoon.
Winter is not giving up, at least not today. Although the light looks like spring, and the day sounds like spring, there is no spring smell in the air, and the wind from the west is cold on our faces, making our lips stiff and noses runny.
The dog’s business is done. He has smelled every bush and tree along the paths and left his postscripts on the messages found. Now it is time for inside chores, cleaning dishes and clothes, and driving a honey-haired girl around the town. Perhaps a date tonight for her father and me. So many things to plan while we wait in limbo for the passing of the seasons.


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