God's Speed

Breaking local news on television--Matt Maupin's body has been found, missing in action-captured- in Iraq since April 9, 2004. As his father stated,"Matt's coming home."

A sad, yet somehow fitting, bookend to my weekend off. Friday was spent trying to save the life of an 18 year old young man shot in the head outside his mother's home. He'll live. The gangstas on these streets do not aim to kill anymore. They aim to paralyze. More suffering that way. The killers in Iraq extract a different but similiar pain from their victims.

Young men, still boys to those of us old enough to have parented them, fresh off the playing fields into the fields of battle. Beirut. Cincinnati. The battles change, the cost of battle does not.

God's speed, Matt, and a prayer for parents everywhere.


  1. Wow, your job, I can't even imagine it. You must have superpowers. Thank you so much for what you do. f

  2. No super powers here. I had to figure out a long time ago that I didn't cause anyone's misfortune to happen, and I am just placed in a situation to help for a short amount of time. Some days go better than others. What I can't imagine is having to be on TV reading the news everyday. I'd be crying my eyes out and choking up all the time. Anchorwoman with a big box of Kleenexes in front of me--that never bodes well!! :-)


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