if you like gloom and drizzle...

For those who enjoy another day of chilly, grey, and drizzly weather today will be fabulous. I can see a handsome male cardinal singing his heart out on the bare branches outside the windows. He sounds lovely, but happily I don't understand birdsong--it's probably some highly aggressive territorial bantering like, "Get the hell away from my tree or I will peck your eyes out." Birdsong sounds much better without the words.

Cruising the blog-o-shere I've been intruiged by the reading challenges. Yes, I see also that they have been in existence for many years now, but apparently I have been living in some parallel universe and unaware. The shame and horror...

I believe I will start with one of the Man Booker choices. I've started two which are on my list, but stopped reading. No memory why, sometimes it's just not the right time for a certain book, or something else caught my eye and I forgot. The others listed I chose quite simply because I liked the covers. You can't judge a book by it's cover, but I have found that you surely can buy them in boxfuls and then cart them off to your street's yard sale.

Finding the two books I started and stopped will require me to clean out the mini library next to the bed and bring them to the surface. I did not want to do any actual physical labor today, being the lazy minx that I am, but I will do my share for literature and the improvement of the Universal Mind. Don't thank me...I'm a giver.


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