The Older I Get, the Older I Get.

This business of getting older and doing so with some grace is a tricky little duck. No sense going on about the looks and body department. That infrastructure is crumbling as I write and girders must be hoisted.

However, dancing...that has been a bit of a bittersweet surprise. The Hubby and I met while dancing along the steamy waterbanks of this beautiful river city when the humidity was high and the moon was full and we were seventeen years younger. Doesn't seem like so many and it really has flown by, but our muscle memory must have a short memory and our fast twitch muscles have quite forgotten how to twitch. We went to the swing dance on Madison Avenue Thursday night and met the new generation; the ones we compete against for floor space.

What's a woman of a certain age to do? The white ankle top socks are simply not a good look for me.


  1. Knowing how to age___
    not so important
    as knowing when to age.

  2. I am not doing too well with the aging part either...I can't sit cross legged on the floor anymore, well, I can, but I can't get up after I do :-).

  3. My Mom and Dad met at a post war (WWII) dance and never looked back. I think the secret was a cocktail (a Manhattan) for keeping limber and being daring. Those two could dance!

  4. jfrancis--couldn't agree more. That's why DENIAL and I are such fast friends.
    Annie--The Sinkathon Kitty looks like he has some meat on him to help with lifting. Don't be a slacker, kitty.
    Rudee--I think we'd best learn the steps first and then move on to the Manhattans:>)We are excellent dancers however with a little alcoholic assistance. At least in our own minds...

  5. "Women of certain age" has wide, wide range of populations--depending on the speaker. Loved watching the video, reminded me of mid-20th century
    college days. But I left "certain age" behind in my sixties.

    Enjoy the swing dancing!


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