Spent the holidays in Neurodramaville, and "Hey!! Nobody died!!"
Good days indeed. Boring as hell, but we set the bar low on wanting No Drama Today days.


  1. ...not a creature was dying, not even a mouse.
    That's good news and the shot is hysterical!

  2. I don't know what I'm doing wrong-they're all dying....Oh that's right! I work in hospice now.

  3. Glad your days were good ones. It's gray, windy and rainy here---and positively balmy. And did I say gray?
    We're expecting high winds tonight then more bouncing temps. Such is winter in NE Ohio. Cups of Kindness continues to do well. I'm going to update the figures in a day or so.
    Best to you :-)

  4. I am very happy that no one died today, ma chère. I think of you, Distracted, as I'm wending my way through the Mayan villages of the Yucatán Peninsula and seeing entire families of unhelmeted people on little motorcycles. Your hair, in particular, would curl. I'll try to capture at least one photo of the phenomen of "God is my copilot" in action!



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