You Made Crusty Bread Roll...

by Gary Johnson

You made crusty bread rolls filled with chunks of brie
And minced garlic and drizzled with olive oil
And baked them until the brie was bubbly
And we ate them thoughtfully, our legs coiled
Together under the table And then salmon with dill
And lemon and whole-wheat cous cous
Baked with garlic and fresh ginger, and a hill
Of green beans and carrots roasted with honey and tofu.
it was beautiful, the candles and linens and silver,
The winter sun setting on our snowy street,
Me with my hand on your leg, you, my lover,
In your jeans and green T-shirt and beautiful feet.
How simple life is. We buy a fish. We are fed.
We sit close to each other, we talk and then we go to bed.


  1. I'm filled with nostalgia after reading this piece. Something must be awry for that to be my strongest sensation......
    Haunting shot also. Perfect for New Years.

  2. Hey, I just read that recently while browsing B&N. Thanks for sharing; I love the poems you post.

  3. Life is simple___
    for a season,
    so, drink the warmth
    and kiss beautiful feet___
    Love's intoxication
    will last the night.

  4. I found this poem after I got home from work--did not have this meal for dinner, but a grrrl can dream:>)

  5. Stopping by to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. May 2009 bring you its very finest!


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