by George Bilgere

Someone's taken a bite
from my laptop's glowing apple,
the damaged fruit of our disobedience,
of which we must constantly be reminded.

There's the fatal crescent,
the dark smile
of Eve, who never dreamed of a laptop,
who, in fact, didn't even have clothes,
or anything else for that matter,

which was probably the nicest thing
about the Garden, I'm thinking,
as I sit here in the café
with my expensive computer,
afraid to get up even for a minute
in order to go to the bathroom
because someone might steal it

in this fallen world she invented
with a single bite
of an apple nobody, and I mean
was going to tell her not to eat.

please note: painting by Gustav Klimt, Apple Tree


  1. That poem is just plain cute.

  2. Very nice poem and painting! Indeed, we are fallen people - sons and daughters of the first sinners - living in a "fallen world". What better excuse for all our failings than to say "I'm not perfect!" Who is?

  3. Couldn't live without my Apple--complete with the missing bite. The first time I saw that apple backlit by the computer, I was hooked. Even though it's obscenely expensive, I still went out and bought a new one within a week of murdering the first one with a drop of water on the V key.

    Yes, iCovet.

  4. ha! Hubby feels the same way. He denied himself an Apple saying it was "too much" and now can't wait for his Dell to implode--which he is trying to help along!

  5. Fantastic poem. Sums up my own feelings about my Apple(s) very nicely.

    When I got to Paris's environs, I drove 3 hours/287kms and back within 24 hours just to leave my laptops at my house because my SIL refuses to secure her home against marauders, invaders, sneak thieves, and their ilk.

    Thanks for the coolness!

  6. beautiful poem and very well written blog :)

    if you have time please take a look at my blog, i update it most days

    thanks x


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