Sunday in CinCity, The Afternoon.

It seems a bit pointless to cook for Easter with half the clan gone, but I felt so kerflempt about it I broke down and stopped at the local IGA on my way home from Sunday morning pilates class. There were plenty of other folks buying goodies for the day and, although the pickings were sparce for easter basket candy, Hubby really only likes the malted milk balls and black jelly beans. Shockingly, those were still on the shelves.

So we'll be having Pork Loin Roast with Orange, Cumin, and Cilantro with rice, or at least HoneyHaired and I will. Depending on when Hubby's able to get home he'll get some sooner or later. If it's super-fab I'll pass on the recipe. And, tomorrow's Opening Day. Basically a holy and sacred day for CinCity. Food is required for Opening Day Palooza at Big, Fat Teaching Hospital. Generally, I make the same pasta salad--garlic, basil, cherry tomatoes, oil and vinegar. What it lacks in imagination I make up for in garlic.

HoneyHaired is home from Turkey and Greece and had a wonderful time. She met a boy on the trip, so we shall be watching He's Just Not That Into You later this evening for further directions on how to proceed. I had forgotten exactly how much everyone is in your business in high school and how much advice is freely discussed and dispensed. Sometimes it's best to go the old-fashion route--make up your own mind after watching imaginary stories from gorgeous-looking movie stars. Scarlett Johansson having trouble getting a date. Always helpful.

Haven't heard anything yet from grad school about my application. They did eventually find my transcripts from the Olde and Ancient Times. Perhaps the faculty are still ROFL. I noted the obligatory class, Biostatistics, in the requirements for Public Health so thought I'd start with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics and have successfully made it through the introduction and Chapter One. Feeling pretty spunky about my progression from complete idiot to just plain idiot.

The roofers have begun their demolition of our home. We're getting a metal roof put on, which should keep my husband forever from climbing up three stories after every rain to patch and repair. There's now a lovely black metal dumpster filling the entire width and length of my front yard to collect the two layers of shingles. My butterfly bushes are toast. Everything that had been in the front yard is now in our walkway up to the front porch, which I forget every time I leave the house until I'm tripping over benches and birdbaths.(please note above paragraph: just plain idiot.)

Hope your week is great and remember, Peeps--Always in Season!!


  1. It's just my mom and me for Easter...and she doesn't seem motivated to do much...pretty much stopped cooking once my dad was, may have to figure something out myself...jelly beans and a movie sound good...

  2. When we were kids we loved to put peeps in the toilet and flush.

  3. Love your new header picture, I didn't know magpies were waterfowl... :-)

    Sorry to hear about your butterfly bushes turning into toast, where will the butterflies go ?

    Good luck with the schooling endeavors, I think you are very brave...

  4. Our old house has a metal roof. If it's not original, it's pretty darn close, and the house was built in the 1830's or 40's. We just paint it every so often. Actually it's the imperial we who does the painting. Heights and I are not good friends.

  5. I can't even imagine going back to school. You're simply amazing and I wish you all the best of luck.

    Love the peep show!

    Word verification: tubed (yikes)

  6. I had a last-minute Guilt Spasm re: Easter as well, and decided to make Easter baskets for The Boys, aged 22 and 25. They got up at 9:30. One left for his workout and barely looked at it. The other got up and left for Easter festivities with His Girlfriend Of The Moment's Family and barely noticed it. Result? Guilt totally assuaged and note to self taken for next year.

  7. Glad HoneyHaired had fun (Greece and Turkey, I am jealous, but not of the chaperones). Do not envy you Biostatistics as Math=Ick! for me. But a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do to get back into grad school. Best of luck (to your hubby also)!

  8. Love the peeps!


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