The Itinerant Daughter Has Returned

The Acacia Trees

Derek Walcott


You see those breakers coming around Pigeon Island
bowing like nuns in a procession? One thing I know,
when you're gone like my other friends, not to Thailand
or Russia, but wherever it is loved friends go
with their different beliefs, who were like a flock
of seagulls leaving the mirror of the sand,
or a bittern passing lonely Barrel of Beef,
or the sails that an egret hoists leaving its rock;
I go down to the same sea by another road
with manchineel shadows and stunted sea grapes
dwarfed by the wind. I carry something to read:
the wind is bright and shadows race like grief,
I open their books and see their distant shapes
approaching and always arriving, their voices heard
in the page of a cloud, like the soft surf in my head.

please note: art by Linda Amundsen


  1. That's a truly haunting piece.

  2. Good. Glad she is safe and sound...with marvelous memories of Greece I would assume!

  3. I'm glad she's back with you. I'm sure she has some amazing tales to tell.

  4. It's very beautiful the ilustration and your defense of nature.

    Thanks for your post

  5. Lovely picture!


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