Saturday in CinCity

"The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve;
Lovers, to bed; 'tis almost fairy time."
--William Shakespeare, MidSummer's Night's Dream

Woke up before dawn to drink coffee and work on school stuff. This week the effects of Methylene Chloride (try to avoid) and Baker's Asthma from flour dust(who knew??) Next on the list, fighting with my computer to attach documents required by the IRB site in order to modify a firefighter study protocol. The computer technology is what gives me the biggest blues. I like my attachments to have color coded paper clips and to fit in my grubby little hands.

During the last two days of work at Big Fat Teaching Hospital I saw the usual share of hope and futility. We got a transfer from a smaller community hospital across the way; a large stroke treated successfully with TPA, the "clot buster." This gentleman has no deficits from the stroke and hopefully will not have a subsequent bleeding injury. Nice man who starts each day walking around his yard refilling the bird feeders. He has lifted the spirits of both the ER staffs who cared for him because this kind of success is why they keep coming in every day.

However...a bit of a break today. Ballet is performing A MidSummer's Night's Dream and HoneyHaired and I will actually get out of our pajama pants to sit in the theater to see it. Neither of us plan on having one studious thought in our head.


  1. Magic. My littlest girl had her first ballet lesson yesterday and we are still excited. Those dancers don't sit around in their PJs much though do they? Ouch! Maybe there's an assignment on ballet hazards you could do? Always nice to pop in Distracted.

  2. Oh my, you've been sneaking posts in right and left, I've missed a few, was on the road for a bit. Hope you had a fine time at the theatre, even if it seems a strange and snowy time of year to be seeing A Midsummer's Night's Dream.

    Good to hear there is hope for some stroke victims...


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