Monday, May 23, 2011

It's a Monday, kiddos...

The zebra stood in the night

by Kerry Hardie

now it keeps flashing up on the screen of my mind,

the lines on its body sharp and precise,

no blurring of edges, no shading.

I'm surprised that I seem so surprised

at the hardship that's dwelling inside me.

Black, white, black, white.

No compromise. No bleed.


  1. Reminding me of the age old question of whether the zebra is a white animal with black stripes or a black animal with white stripes...when somebody, I don't remember who, but a famous author, I think, figured out that in fact it's an invisible animal with black and white stripes...

  2. This is totally the wrong thing to say but I read about a UK man who decided to try a different type of meat every week for a year. In the end he said zebra was by far the best tasting.


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