Saturday in CinCity. The Rockin' Edition.



by Louis Simpson
My ex-wife comes over

and invites me to sit

with them. I say okay.

There are a lot of speeches,

all saying much the same,

about the new generation,

the future belongs to them.

They're lining up for it,

walking onto the stage.

There she is, our Meredith.

The sound of two hands clapping

is mine. If there's one thing I know

it's when something is over and

done with, and it's time to go.

Graduation has come and gone, though these chicks are smart enough to space out their parties through  the summer to enjoy them all and orientaion for BigFatUniversity is the end of June. Time moves on.

HoneyHaired is the big grin in the middle and her dad and I are in the background watching and smiling, which is exactly where we should be. CollegeGrrrl is on her way up from the Town of Horses to give her well-lived advice on college life.

As far as moving on, what is not moving is this kidney stone. It's much too big and I can't get the shock blast procedure for three weeks because the shock blast machine is only at Big Fat Teaching Hospital once a month. What's up with that?? Until then I'm planning my life as a beer-oholic. And, taking anti-nausea and pain meds. Good times.

Oh well, until then...


  1. Congratulations to the entire poetry-inspired family! And good luck getting that rock rolled up and out!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful and positively glowing. You must all feel so very proud.

    On the stone front, perhaps you should get a magnetometer and go hunt down the shock blast machine. In the meantime, the Sam Adams Summer Ale and the Blue Moon Honey Wheat are particularly awesome beers. Hope you're feeling better, soon.


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