Sunday in CinCity. The Am I Just Standing Here Talking to Myself Edition.

Reusing Words

by Hal Sirowitz

Don't think you know everything,

Father said, just because you're good

with words. They aren't everything.

I try to say the smallest amount possible.

Instead of using them indiscriminately

I try to conserve them. I'm the only one

in this household who recycles them. I

say the same thing over & over again,

like "Who forgot to turn out the lights?

Who forgot to clean up after themselves

in the bathroom?" Since you don't listen

I never have to think of other things to say.


  1. After working 24 hours in the unit, I'm surprised you'd find any words to say at all.

  2. :>) besides..."Can you tell me where you are? What's your full name? Show me your thumb." I'll be muttering that in the nursing home!

  3. Sometimes word wear me out.....smiles.


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